Am I the right coach for you?

Obviously, you are the best judge of that. When I talk to people who are looking for a coach, I always ask them how they would like me to work with them and what will make them feel like there is a good fit with their needs. It is a good idea to talk to at least three or four different people and see who you feel most comfortable with. Chemistry is very important in the relationship and it can be very difficult to rationalise or predict. Here are some thoughts that may help you determine whether or not to take the next step and explore your needs with me in more detail.

Where are you headed?

Your relationship with your coach could be one of the most dynamic, empowering and life changing relationships you have.


A couple of years ago, I chose to run the New York Marathon, having never run before in my entire life. With no knowledge or experience, I didn’t know where to begin and had no idea of what it would take for me to be successful.

My coach, an experienced marathon runner, knew that he was working with a novice and he had no judgement about that. He first took the time to give me the whole picture and he then helped me break my training down into the key stages, and guided me during each one. He explained things I didn’t understand, encouraged me to adjust my diet, pushed me during the harder phases of my training, had faith in me when I was giving up on myself and validated me when I was doing things well. In the seven months we worked together, he always kept his eye on me to make sure I would be completely ready to handle the race itself.

Completing that marathon was one of my proudest moments and one of the items on my dream list. Without him, I may never have got there.                                                                                                                                                   Ray Martin


Although your dream may be different, the way you and I will work together will be similar. In a series of conversations, which can be done in person (where possible) and more typically by phone, you will have someone who is completely in service to you, to help you reach the place that you want to get to.



Taking the first step on your journey

Initially, we will have a relaxed, informal and confidential conversation  in which you can explain what your needs are and find out more about how we could structure a coaching relationship. You may want to work within a specific time frame or have constraints which mean that the coaching relationship has to fit with things happening in your life. It is important that you choose a coach that you feel you have good ‘chemistry’ with and this conversation will give you an opportunity to check that out.

Staying focused

No two clients needs are the same and the conversations we have together will always be specific to your vision, needs and situation. Having said that, the typical phases of your coaching programme may include clarifying your vision, determining how to transition from your current situation to your envisioned future, working out how to break that journey into small, achievable steps and looking at what the pitfalls, risks and hazards might be as you start taking action to bring it about. If you decide that you would like to create a specific coaching or mentoring programme for yourself, we will discuss and agree arrangements. These include the period of time over which you would like support, how and when payments are made, how often you would like to be in communication with me and any other practical matters like that. If you would like to talk to some of my clients directly to ask them what their programme was like for them, this is usually possible to arrange.