The Principles of Heart & Soul Management

Compelling Purpose
If we are truly compelled, excellence comes naturally.  This applies to individuals, team members and entire organisations.

Clean Relationships
Maintaining healthy relationships that are fit for purpose is something that has to be worked at pro-actively for most people. Unresolved personal issues at work are one of the most noticeable ways in which excellence and focus can be lost.

Proactively generating the circumstances we require to be effective must never be something we place entirely in someone else’s hands. Organisations need people who challenge the status quo and constantly demand standards to be raised.

Essential Communication
Managers and leaders require the ability to make an emotional connection with others so that communication is an uplifting and meaningful experience rather than simple transmission of content.

This recognises and acknowledges the fundamental desire that everyone has to matter and make a positive difference to others. The more we do this, the greater the effect on motivation and performance.

Trust is an essential ingredient for high performing teams. Generating trust means matching your behaviours with your words, or “walking the talk”.

The basic fuel that is required for an individual to create something exceptional. Energy can either be held back or released, depending on the dynamics of the culture in which we exist.

Setting our hearts on achieving a goal is not enough. Organised minds lead to successful planning and ensure that appropriate action is taken in pursuit of our objectives.